Fuck Away the Anger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By emrez

We've been fighting a lot recently, tensions have been running high the past few weeks. Finally we just stop talking and spend an entire evening in silence. I leave the dinner table to start cleaning. On my return to the table he suddenly stands up, he moves behind me, wraps his arms around my waist, pinning me against the table. He doesn't say a word, but starts kissing and biting my neck, his hands working their way under my dress. I moan as he slides a hand inside my panties, rubbing me. He works my pussy until I'm wet and ready. He pushes me forward, hikes up my dress and slides my panties off. One hand grasping my hair, the other holding my ass he enters me. He fucks me hard, the tension from the last few weeks fading as he pounds me. After he comes, he turns me around and sits me on top of the table. I wrap my legs around him and we kiss, tongues delving deep into each other's mouths. When he's ready, we fuck again. We keep fucking until we forget everything we were fighting about.