My friend's EX

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kris_needs

Perhaps not taboo in the usual sense, but as a woman loving lesbian, fucking my roommate's ex boyfriend is a bit out of bounds for me.

They'd dated briefly, long enough for me to realize she was dating the guy version of me. She wasn't impressed. After she broke it off, that he and I stayed friends. She kicked me out of our apartment because I wouldn't disown him.

The day I picked up the last of my things from hers apartment, he invited me over for a drink or three to relax. After several drinks and rounds of Guitar Hero, we were buzzed. When standing in his kitchen trying to decide if we should end the evening or keep drinking, I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. He backed me against the fridge until I started fumbling for his zipper. He took my hand and led me to his bedroom; his 6 year old was already asleep in the next room.

We tried all the usual positions. I sucked him good, he went down on me with the same gusto I bring to licking pussy. We tried variations of missionary until I ended up on my forearms and knees, asking him to fuck me harder, deeper.

My roommate had said he was good, nice thick cock, but too long to let him loose fucking pussy. I disagreed. I love being fucked so hard I am sore in the morning. We layed there panting in the dark after, I explained that this was just sex and our friendship came first, absolutely. I put my fingers to his lips, feeling him smile as I spoke the rules.