A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zyra

She caught my eye a wedding party, in spite of my straight as an arrow sexuality.

This bartender. Boyish, blond. Looked a little like that young Canadian singer covered in tattoos... what's his name... you know who I mean?

Quite a bit younger than me but quiet, calm, confident in her movement. Pouring my drink "Here you are beautiful" Handing my vodka tonic. Hmm? *looks down at my dress, probably blushes a bit, stares back* Is she talking to me? Where is that accent from? Why am I blushing?

My mind starts to wander to the secret places, curious. What is it? The confidence? Perhaps. Something inexplicable. I can't stop staring at her, does she know how to make girls squirt? I've always wondered what that was like. She looks like someone who might know how to open these floodgates and make these desires come to life.