She fixed my friends bike

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hawk

The other day I was over at my friends place for barbecuing on their big porch. My friends, a couple, Sarah and Tod, were present, and a couple of other people were there. Among the other people were a friend of Sarah, called Anne. I've had kind of a small fling going on with Anne, during the latest summer holiday, which never developed further than some kissing one night at the beach. When I enter the apartment this day Anne is talking to Sarah about some practical stuff, and getting into some of Tod's old, dirty denim pants, and t-shirt. The reason for this proves to be that Anne, who works as an electrician, and is a pretty hands-on kind of girl, has offered to change the chain on Sarah's bicycle. She disappears, while I talk to people for a while and have a drink. When Anne reappears she is wearing only a sports bra and her torso and arms are all oiled up, and dirty from fixing the bike. The rest of the party has retreated to the porch for the BBQ, while I'm lingering a bit in the living room, looking at my friends books. Anne greets me with a smile, when she sees me from the entry hall, but she's preoccupied with placing the tools in a closet and getting ready for taking a shower, before joining us again. There's only one bathroom in the apartment, and I've been planning to take a pee. - Could I just use the bathroom shortly before you go in the shower, I ask, as Anne enters the bathroom. - Sure, she replies, go ahead. She stays in the corner of the bathroom, organizing her clothes, while I pee. When I'm done, we pass each other, closely, and I stop for a minute looking at her face. We smile and start kissing. I put her on the sink and rip her work pants off, she is not wearing any underwear. I kiss and lick her pussy vigorously until she orgasms. I suck on her big juicy labia. I'm now so horny and hard after pleasuring her that she only needs to jerk me off for a little minute before I cum all over her breasts, and my cum mixes with the oil and dirt on her body. She takes a shower, while I join the bbq...