first lesbian attraction

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rosanne

Back when I was a student in university I shared an appartment with 3 other female students. Sometimes the conversations were about sex and I think they picked up on the fact that I was still a virgin. As far as I know, they were all straight and I was at most bicurious but unknowingly probably gave off some vibes that I was curious about women. One day on my birthday they said they had a surprise for me but I had to close my eyes and give them my hand. I went into the kitchen with them and they placed my hand on one of their breasts. I was surprised, but didn't mind at all since it was all in good fun. However for the rest of the year I fantasized about this girl and how she would seduce me. In my mind she would take me to my room and slowly kiss me on my bed, while we touch and feel eachother. Then she moves on to kiss my neck and take off my shirt. She moves down to suck on breasts and massage them while flicking my nipple with her tongue. She would then slowly take off my skirt and kiss up my legs to finally lick and suck on my clitoris and finger me... The fantasies always made me orgasm so hard, but unfortunately never happened in reality...