A Sexual Fantasy

— By Girafa

An italian feminist and pornoactivist who I've been following for years on social network contacts with me, because she is new in the city. Some commons friends gave her my number. She's 47 and I am 30. I'm huge fan and I feel shy. We meet for a coffe I'm surprised because she's feeling old and not so atractive anymore. I tell you she is beautiful, and that there is a lot of people who would lick where she walks: she smiles to me. Suddenly I feel shy again and very excited. Then we go to a museum, where there is an expo about masks. We go to the bathroom, she locks us in. She comes closer, I say she's beautiful and she kisses me, grabbing my hair. I kneel and I say to her feets, to her legs, to her pussy that they are beautiful. I eat her pussy until she ejaculate on my face. Then she says that she wants to stay comfortable, and we go to my house, where she ties my hands on my head, she eats my pussy, she makes me licking her feets and she fucks with her hands and a strapon. I have a big orgasm. And we go on...