Feasting on Her Fruits

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miraculously Wet

Last night I was dreaming about your film tease cake - thinking about food, femme-on-femme sex, sugar...all of the good things! And when I awoke...I had an idea. I've always loved stuffing my face with fruit, and for me, eating fruit after sex or masturbation has become something of a habit; so I imagined a scene where two women share a banquet of sweet, fresh fruits, melons, peaches, the juiciest of papaya, with one dominating the other - straddling her, dripping juice down into her mouth, over her body, licking it off slowly, eating pineapple from her pussy and teasing her with little bites and touches...sound good? I imagine our femme on top dragging out the pleasure, ruining the bedsheets with sticky sugar, squeezing orange juice into her partner's mouth and fucking her with her tongue until our sub is begging for a bite of that fruit, begging to be touched. Soft lighting, sweet sugar, and two hungry ladies...esta bien?