Evolution By Women

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kogi

The opening notes of a song Rise With Me softly emerges. A beautiful young woman wearing a sheer white robe favored by ancient Egyptian dancers where her body’s silhouette is revealed and wearing a multicolored rainbow necklace is in a clearing surrounded by a green tropical forest. Her face is the kind that seems to merge all the colorful hues in the palette of Mother Earth. She dances with the sounds of the forest. Her hands feel the wetness that is slowly emerging from her depths and her nipples harden. Following behind and dancing with every move is the translucent body of a young Mother Earth. The young woman’s robe slowly glides to the earth. The beautiful woman gently reclines to the soft green grass painted with wild flowers. She is awaking into a dream. Mother Earth and the beautiful woman entwine into the passion that gives orgasmic birth to all living things. Waters and sweat bring forth a love of all Mother Earth’s creation. In the blue skies background above the forest trees appear a choir of angelic women of all sizes shapes colors from youth to elders singing the closing refrain of Rise Up as the love deepens within the sweet caresses of Mother Earth and all women that one day shall transform and inherit the Earth.