Dreamy Wet Desires

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lexi Star

I like men, but sometimes when I masturbate I imagine myself going to a lesbian bar with friends, where I meet a girl. As I go to ask for my drink she approaches me and starts a conversation. For some reason I get turned on while we are speaking and I think that she can feel it so she starts touching me discreetly. I stop her and tell her that I like guys and she leans over to my ear and whispers, “I’ll change your mind”. After a few drinks she invites me over for some more. We’re on the couch with a beer and she’s looking at me so intensely I can’t help but kiss her. I’m on top of her grinding into her and my tongue is touching hers, so sensual. She stops me, turns me around and slaps me on the ass which takes me by surprise but I like it. The night continues with her dominating me, pleasuring me in different positions, scissoring which I loved because I could feel her wet vagina against mine, her sitting on my face, and then... I wake up from my wet dream.