An ordinary wet dream

A Sexual Fantasy

— By marlowekwilliams

I had a dream about you last night. I wish that I could tell you that it was an ordinary dream or one of those confusing dreams, walking in the sunshine or falling off of a cliff. But, that's not the case. It was an ordinary wet dream. You know, the kind of dream that you don't want to wake up from. That leaves your pussy and sheets so moist you swear you were actually fucking the night before. Well that's what we had last night. Yes, I said we. Mainly because I think you purposefully invade my thoughts, at least your dick does.

The night we met we both knew what was up. I had to think up an excuse not to go home with you that night. It might be cliché, but that love at first sight saying... is true. At least we loved the important parts of each other. I knew that eventually it would be all bad but for that moment it was so good. Thoughts of the future, simply penetration were racing through me. Your body glowed and you smelled so good. Just fresh and clean, no cologne. I liked it. I'm sure the wine and the lighting didn't hurt but I'm believing that we were meant to be.

Our first words were physical. Your hand met my ass. No complaints here. Only the desire for you to touch something else, somewhere else. You could have taken off all of my clothes right then and I would not have objected. Desire is a funny thing. I don't know if I liked the feeling of you reading me. Knowing my likes and dislikes without me telling you. Knowing what you could do without permission. I wasn't paying attention to what you were saying because I was so focused on the impending. The ensuing. I knew what was to come.