Dr. Laure Gonne

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Claya Maxx

In my deepest fantasies, my girlfriend is taking her skills to a professional level. And one in particular.

I am the secretary (wait, don't stop reading now just because of that word.) working with her in a luxurious haussmannian office. She is a doctor -Doctoresse Laure Gonne (= L'Orgone, in french)- in a white lab coat, helping unsatisfied women to climax by eating them only. No long discussions, no smiling. She remains a very professional cunilingusseress. I am taking notes about the patients needs before they enter the main office. In my vision, the entire place looks welcoming but formal. Only some details reminds you the kind of service you are here for. Her office even provides napkins so the patient can wipe herself after the orgasm. In the waiting room, there are only women (all looking different - yes, she can help any-one.) looking at each other, flipping through mags, from fine lingerie to sm dildos, depending their preferences and the way they look and dress.

Sometimes, young student in sex education would attend the session. Dr. Gonne is explaining them exactly how she is making those women climaxing that easily by adapting the rhythm according to my notes. She has black eyes, tied hair partly shaven, rough hands; tomboyish and motherly at the same time. Loving her demanding job, attentive, knowing exactly what she is doing.

At the end of our hard day of work, I am the last one to share the office with her. She is asking me what i'd like, taking her professional vest/persona off, exhausted, but excited. We make a few jokes about some of the patient. I am not jealous, i am proud of her feminist commitment. Finally, i am on her face on the desk (she is tied up at the desk?), the formal turns passionate, still performing. Except, she is having way more pleasure. I end up fingering her in the same time (or a strap-on dildo is in the last drawer of the desk?). After a few orgasms, we end up gathering our stuffs, heading out, kissing and laughing. Another casual day in dr. Laure Gonne's life and her beloved co-worker.