Don't Skip Legs Day

A Sexual Fantasy

— By seame

"I will be fifteen minutes late, will you still be available?" I asked the trainer. He told me we can stay after close if we have to.

I arrived. After the normal warm ups, he took me to the squat rack. He pulled up a bench to sit on and watch me. His biceps look bigger today than normal, he must have been working on them before I came. The last front desk employee said goodnight and it was just the two of us.

I put the bar behind my neck and dropped my butt to the ground and then back up. He stood behind me and touched both butt cheeks softly, telling me to engage them. His touch sent a pulsing wave throughout my body and he had no idea. I turned and playfully pushed him away. As I pushed him away, I noticed his rock hard chest. My focus on the workout had disappeared as I had only one thing on my mind: him.

I faced him and asked him to show me which muscles I needed to engage. As he grabbed my butt again, I pushed him onto the bench. It's my turn to show this trainer how to really work up a sweat.