Don't ever stop!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jasmina

One of my recurring fantasies was about two men taking me at once. I've discussed this with my boyfriend, but I stopped short of suggesting we could seek a threesome. I knew he isn't going to be comfortable with that. But he said was going to think this over.

A few weeks passed and we've had one very nice romantic evening. My boyfriend led me to the bed and asked me to close my eyes. Then he blindfolded me and asked me to take the doggie style position on the bed.

Then he tied my hands to the bed and began applying lube to my pussy. I was wondering why he's doing that, we never needed that before. And then, to my complete shock, I felt something massive, long, knobbly and pulsating shoved down my pussy. It was a vibrator, and a huge one. I was so surprised, because I never expected him to use toys like these. I tried asking about it, but instead of an answer I got his dick right in my mouth.

Suddenly I realized that he was fulfilling my fantasy. I'm getting fucked from both sides. I almost fainted from arousal, and between the vibrator demolishing my pussy and my bfs dick dancing around my mouth and throat, I barely remember how I came and came again. He came, too, filling my mouth and face with cum. I thought that was the end, but hell no. He took his dick out of my mouth and right away he put a massive cock gag in it. It was huge, much bigger than his dick, and it filled my mouth up to my throat while I choked on cum and sweat. It was amazing.

And he left me like this, with two massive pieces of rubber penetrating me. He said he's going to take a break and return to me when he's ready, but I barely noticed that because my fifth or sixth orgasm was there. I could not move, I could not spit the cum out, I could not do anything about it, and I loved it. Of course, he did return. He removed the vibrator, and with his recovered strength he fucked me fast and hard. He asked me if I want to stop, and I nodded "no". "Fine, enjoy some more" he said and put the vibrator back inside. And enjoy I did.