The National Day of Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By philosopher

My story is based on this philosophy that sex is natural but the way societies have evolved, they have made it into a taboo to openly discuss it and express it.

The story starts with a girl sleeping in a deeply religious society. In her sleep she has a dream of a place where sex is openly discussed and expressed. No form of sex is a taboo there. The main focus of the movie is on a day of a week which is exclusively kept for having sex with anyone, one feels like. This highlights the importance of sex in human thought and proper functioning of our bodies. So, in her dream she wakes up nude in her room where she is visited by her father who greets her that today is the "Day of Sex". She feels her wet pussy, she blows her thick erect dick. Then the handsome old man goes to the room of his son, greets him and then meets her naked wife in the kitchen who is getting the breakfast ready. Soon the son joins them, shows how big his dick has become to his mom, the sister also joins in the kitchen. After the breakfast they all head towards the community hall where all people of the area have come in nude. The way the "Day of Sex" progresses that people wishing for sex come on the stage and ask for anyone wanting to have sex with them. If there are more than one interested person, then it is up to the person on the stage whether to take only one partner of his or her choice or more than one and have an orgy. People can also come in groups and vouch for an orgy and anyone wishing to join them. Once everyone has a partner or partners they go into an adjoining building where there are rooms where sex is practiced. The girl having a dream also selects a partner and has sex to her hearts content. During the sleep she has an orgasm as a result of her dream. When she wakes up her dress is above her knees and she is surprised that her bearded father saw her in this state. She is afraid but the old man is very kind to her, whispers her to come to her bed, holds & comforts her and they both get hot for each other.