Confessions from a lesbian

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Endless summer

I think he is close to 50 years old. He's a trainer and naprapath. His body is muscular but he's not big. He shaves his head. Probably because he started to lose his hair. He has blue eyes and there is something about his smile. There's something about his way. He's charming. He helped me out with an injury. The first time I met him I thought he was nice. He sent good vibes and energy and smiled a lot. I never thought about him in a sexual way. I think it was at the fourth treatment when I started to enjoy his strong hands on my back and my shoulders. It made me so aroused. I was surprised to feel this way. Why? because I've always known I'm a lesbian. Suddenly I am attracted to this older man. A MAN for goodness sake! I cannot understand why I am so attracted to him. I think of him every time I masturbate. I imagine being at his office laying down on that treatment table feeling his hands on my back slowly going down to my waist. I imagine him giving me a different kind of treatment. I imagine how he gives my pussy a treatment I'll never forget. God, I wonder how his dick looks. Is it thick? Is it long? Is it too big? I think I would prefer thick and normal size. I wish I could feel it in my mouth and my hands. I always look at his crotch when he is not looking. He must have a beautiful and gorgeous thick dick. I'd like to hear him moan while I give him a blow job. I'd love to feel his arms and whole body against mine as he nicely spreads my legs and penetrates me slowly making sure first that I'm ok since it is my first time with a man. After taking it slow I'd like him to take me harder. I want him to lick my pussy like a maniac and take me from behind. I'd like to feel his breath in my mouth and see his gorgeous blue eyes. I'd like to see him wild and take me like an animal. And right there while I come harder than ever I scream his name.

Of course this is just a fantasy. In reality he has a girlfriend. This arises another fantasy. A threesome. Why not? I'd do anything for tasting that man & I'd gladly do his gf too!