A Sexual Fantasy

— By MzSlinky

I can't remember when I realized I was seeing colors during sex.
I do remember when the colors became more vivid, complex, textural.

Seeing colors was never related to orgasm. In fact, for years I never even had orgasms under any circumstances, but I would still see colors if things felt good. It was usually like seeing a big field of color - a slide show of yellow, orange, green. Lots of yellow.

But then 5 years ago I had a new lover. Someone I chose specifically to help me achieve orgasms.
As we both worked towards understanding my body, the colors started expanding from the limited spectrum and developing texture. If I saw purple, it could be a deep dark velvety purple. The yellows would change to petals, moving and shifting, changing in hue. Red could glow and flicker like a flame.

And one day, as he was going down on me, I felt a deep orgasm building. Heat spread over my chest, the hairs on the back of my neck prickled and as the orgasm came, I saw gray. But oh, the most gorgeous gray - so, so, so soft and warm and inviting - like cashmere, like a kitten. Felt myself wrapped in it, touching it... and then he entered me and a second orgasm started - and this one was pink - soft pastel silk. Lingerie, sheets, flowing, enveloping me.

That relationship ended long ago, but then a year ago I found THE most fantastic lover ever. I feel fantastically lucky. Colors and textures every single time. Too many to keep track of. Everything from creamy soft white of milk to green grass warmed by the sun to soft warm black velvet to explosions of flowers, confetti, raindrops, pebbles on a beach, sun sifting through trees, fireworks. Velvet, silk, linen, wood, rope, rocks, trees. Moving, evolving, swirling.

I wish there was some sort of device that could help me record all that I see, feel!