Classmate, lovemate

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leoandmaverick

The sunshine was flooding the classroom on a bright sunny day. Professor was lecturing away to a bored class. In one corner sat a guy with black hair and glasses. He was bored out his mind when suddenly he felt something touching his knee. The girl sitting in front of him had rested her head on her desk hence pushing her cute butt backwards. Her butt felt very soft and hot against his knees, it felt awesome. The guy knew it was an accident but an idea popped in his bored out mind. He than took his hand under his bench desk and gently touched the butt again. The girl didn't notice the guy once again moved his finger against her butt ...this time lingering a bit. The girl realised what was going on. And after few moments of thoughts she pushed her butt a bit more backwards and the guy knew what to do. All through the lecture he swiped his fingers against her butt like magic wand... he could see the girl was aroused. Than as the lecture ended the guy stood up... walked to the girl and whispered to her "do you want more? Than meet me at the parking lot in 5 minutes, I'll be waiting in a blue van. And oh! Please discard your panties before u come... that way you can enjoy the rest of our lectures even better!" The guy winks and goes out. 5 minutes later the girl finds the blue van in the parking lot, and enters the van without panties. The guy than eats her pussy and ass like a delicious cake, and then they make soft love. After making love they both take their places in the next lecture... this time the girl pushes her butt all the way backwards and the guy once again start caressing it with his fingers... Knowing that its only her thin pants (no panties) between him and her....