Ceremony of the Mountain

A Sexual Fantasy

— By everyman789


Night, full moon. Three Indian girls are walking along a trail. They speak in Ojibway, laugh. They arrive at a campfire, a tepee in the background. At the fire is a middle-aged Indian woman, Pine Jay. They sit at the fire. The older woman lights a peace pipe and it is passed around as she speaks. “Wounded Heart was injured today in battle. It is a flesh wound in his chest. He has eaten the herbs that will heal him and dull his pain. Little Hands, Pretty Mouth, Red Flower, I want you to go to him and, with me, honor his bravery in the Ceremony of the Mountain.” Pine Jay draws a mountain shape in the dirt with a stick and indicates the bottom left side of the form. “At the base of the mountain, Little Hands will touch Wounded Heart’s stick with her fingers and please him, making him big and hard. Halfway up the mountain, Pretty Mouth will take his stick between her lips, pass over him many times with her tongue, and plunge him deep into her throat. At the top of the mountain, Red Flower will ride Wounded Heart’s stick like a wild mustang.” Pine Jay moves the stick along the right downslope of the mountain figure. “On the way back down the mountain Pretty Mouth waits, and again takes Wounded Heart into her throat. When he can take no more, Little Hands will take him in her fingers, and make him give his river into my hands, and I will rub it back into his flesh. Let us leave our clothes at this fire and go to him.”