A card game to remember

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheShepherd

They´d had an exhaustive day skiing but all 3 couples returned to the Chalet for dinner and card games. He made sure to sit next to his lover, who he had only met a few weeks ago. She was everything he had ever dreamt about: sexy, smart and simply gorgeous.
He didn’t know the game and just watched, not the game but his lover. He just couldn’t get enough of her, the little grooves of her lovely smile, the way she bit her lip or the way she lowered her eyelids when she said something slightly cheeky. He was completely under her spell.
Everyone was busy, drinking and laughing when he slid his hand under the table to rest on top of her knee. There was just the slightest of shivers as he touched her, enough to encourage him to stroke her. She wore a short skirt to leave plenty of opportunity to explore the soft skin of her naked legs. He slowly moved up the inside of her thighs and kept watching her face intensely. She was still laughing with the others while trying to concentrate but he noticed the slight flicker in the corner of her lips as he slowly moved up her leg.
He sensed the slight parting of her legs as she invited him to move ever closer and eventually his fingers were resting on her pussy as she did not wear any panties. Was he really in control or did she have a plan all along? He could feel her warmth and wetness, there was no doubt what she wanted from him. No one around the table was taking any notice even after he slowly started to massage her. He entered her with 2 fingers trying to reach her G-spot. Because of the angle he couldn’t quite reach but could feel her pushing against him. She started to bite her lips a little more than usually and her breathing was slightly erratic but he didn’t think that anyone had noticed, not even her best friend sitting opposite.
He had gone as far as he could without embarrassing her. Slowly he withdrew his hand to take a sip of his wine and smell her sweet scent. He knew that it would continue where he left off as soon as their friends had retired and they would be on their own.