Caller on Line One

A Sexual Fantasy

— By anemyne

I work in a call center, a thankless job. I like to fantasize that one day one of those angry callers will suddenly change their mind, enchanted by my voice. The call will ever so slightly stop being a complaint, we're on hold waiting for someone to respond to a query and smalltalk is made. "So, do you work in one big building with a million phones, or how does it work?" I explain we work in cubicles to block out the sounds. "Oh, so it's pretty private then?" Somewhat, but supervisors do come around and check. "You have to wear a uniform?" Yes, a button down shirt and a black skirt. My caller continues to rattle on about the weather as I absently respond, while I imagine their hands on my breasts, coming from behind my office chair. The hands unbutton my shirt and pull down my bra, caressing and pinching my nipples just how I like it. The hands move down lower, separating my legs slowly, inching my work skirt up bit by bit. The hands tease me as I try to modulate my voice and pretend nothing is going on; a single finger reaches between my legs, gently caressing my lips, spreading the growing wetness all around. An arm holds me back against the chair as the other hand begins to softly tease me, entering me slowly, then faster and harder. Finally, when I am so close to coming, she releases her hold on me, she spins my chair around and begins to eat me out. My headset still on, moaning into my headset's microphone as she makes me come. A beep and a "Your call is very important to us, please continue to hold" wake me up out of my trance, as I apologize to the caller, thank her for her patience as we are left waiting again.