Café Orgasmic

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Puma

My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we've had a lot of fun exploring phone sex. However, in the beginning of our relationship we would have lots of sex via text messaging and it did not just happen in the privacy of our homes. My girlfriend would be in a café or a bar. Something I find extremely sexy with her is that she is able to pleasure herself and orgasm without even touching herself, which is something I have never done myself. By the way, I am also female. When we see each other we can't keep our hands off of each other but I wish that one day we can explore some things that have so far only happened through the screens of our phones. My fantasy is to go to a café with her, not arriving at the same time though, as to not reveal that we know each other. We would then sit on opposite sides of the café but facing each other. We would text and I would start telling her what I want to do with her. Touch her thighs, touch her between her legs, maybe even "hide" beneath the table, in order to lick her and fuck her with my fingers. Our eyes would meet every now and then and we would both be horny out of our minds. She is very discrete but would allow herself tiny movements of the hips, as she imagines me fucking her hard. Finally she would come, still only noticeable for anyone who is observing her closely, e.g. me. After calming down, we would one by one leave the café, as if nothing had happened.