Born to tease, taught to please!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By A couple in love

Just after Christmas we decided it's time for some relaxation and quality time for our selfs. A nice day in a spa and sauna in winter time does magic to the body and mind.
The relaxed state of mind. You can look at some great and different bodies that sit and walk around naked. And if people try to cover it a little, you like it even harder.
Maybe it's the warmth that gets your blood pumping, your sweat dripping over your body, and all you can think of is sex. And sex is not allowed in a wellness center.
And there we are... after a few hours of enjoying everything at the spa, we are laying in a sauna. We look at each other in the eyes, and we both know we are getting horny. But we are not alone in there. 5 other people are using the sauna as well. There are two couples who know each other, and a girl by herself.
When nobody is paying attention, my arm reaches out to my boyfriend and touches his skin, covered in sweat. We know that he can't get an erection because everybody will be able to notice that. It's the best part of teasing I guess. When the two couples stands up and leave the sauna, it's just the three of us. The touching and teasing slowly continues. Our minds are going crazy, but we try to look relaxed. Did she noticed us, I am not sure. But when the girl left the sauna as well, she looked at me as if she was saying 'enjoy'.
The teasing is getting more and more serious and then we just explode in having sex. We feel like naughty teenagers again, having sex without my parents noticing it.
After a great climax we stayed in the last position for a short while feeling so much in love, then we heard voices and footsteps towards our sauna. We jumped up and quickly left the sauna. We tried to keep a straight face, and not the 'I just had sex' look. I knew we didn't get caught, but then I saw that girl again. We looked at each  other, her happy smile told me she knew. Hmmm... interesting...