A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amelia

So I play in a band... just something for fun, in our local bars. It's three guys - guitar, bass, drums, the meat and potatoes, and two girls: me on keyboards, Amy on vocals. I have such a crush on Amy. But she's straight, has brought boyfriends to gigs. No chance. We have a gig, and I'm late getting there. I set up my gear and head for the dressing room, just a staff bathroom for Amy & me, the boys are elsewhere. Flustered, I burst in and Amy is getting changed, she's standing there just in her panties, OMG her tits are so beautiful, small but just perfect. I blush and stammer out an apology, but Amy just smiles, doesn't try to cover herself, just says, "well I guess you've seen it all before!" During the gig I'm hiding behind my keyboards, but watching Amy the whole time, red hair flying, sweat soaking her tank top, daisy dukes, ripped pantyhose, no shoes. She is mesmerizing. She owns the room. The crowd is dancing like crazy, led by her. And during the song we wrote together she turns to me and winks, and OMG, did she blow me a kiss? After the show we have the usual post-gig hug, and... maybe it goes on just a little too long? Back in our dressing room I'm babbling and giggling, high on adrenaline. And then Amy slips her arms around my neck, and says, "You were great tonight" and our lips touch, and we kiss, so deep, and then I'm lifting her onto the sink and pulling her top over her head, and she's reaching around to unfasten my bra under my t-shirt, and pushing my t-shirt up over my big bare tits and fondling them as I scrabble to unfasten her daisy dukes and slide my hand inside, cupping her mound and feeling her wetness on my fingers and Amy's hands are roaming over my ass under my short skirt. We lock the door and I pull her shorts and pantyhose down, burying my face between her pale thighs as she holds the back of my head My tongue explores her, up and down her slit, pushing inside, then over her clit until I feel her stiffen and her body trembles as she comes. Amy is panting, her face red, a huge smile, as we hear a knock on the door, the guys asking if we're OK and we should help with packing the kit away! We smile and kiss again, and Amy whispers in my ear, "Later?"