Arousing Realities

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Semiscrump

The sky is dark outside of the Windows.

As she calmly picks up from the day, memories interject themselves into the present.
She picks up Toy trains - The night in the truck bed under the stars, moaning loudly but only the trees could hear.
Crayons and paper - The small stream and hidden waterfall in a valley between the mountains, with him behind her as she grasped at the moss and small tree limbs above her.
Puzzles - The wind-whipped beach with a hidden cave, his back scraping on the rocks, her feet mingled with the sea kelp and sand.

She finished cleaning up, but is flushed and smiles to herself. She turns on the shower, mixture of cool and hot water. Steps in and stands in the steam and water flowing over her. He comes into the shower while her eyes are still closed. Embraces her from behind and holds her, kissing her shoulders and neck, cheeks. She turns around and opens her mouth to receive his kiss, without opening her eyes.

Their hands are caressing one another slowly, rubbing the smooth skin with water steaming over them. They move together with heightened arousal. He moves within her deeply, forcefully with so much power he presses her body against the shockingly cold tile, her eyes sealed with ecstasy. Something shifts and their movement becomes one, urgent and full of need. Heightened to full loss of self and enveloped in skin, water, steam, and heat, pulsating fast, then in a crescendo of motion, they simultaneously deep they come to a halt. She opens her eyes for the first time since she stepped in her shower. She is alone.

She takes the towel and wipes off the heavily steamed mirror. Was she dreaming? Was it real? She opens the door to the bathroom, and looks at her bed - he lies there, waiting for her under the covers.

And pulls back the sheets.