Aphrodite - Goddess of Fertility

A Sexual Fantasy

— By GoddessAphrodite

Her phone vibrates, startling her: “Baby, I’m going to need your help... you are needed in room 5.”
Looking around the fertility clinic waiting room, feeling nervous yet extremely excited, she gets up, walks over to the door and presses it, quickly slipping in and locking it behind her.
The room is illuminated by candles. In the corner is a luxurious chaise lounge with 3 small envelopes labeled 1,2,3.She proceeds to open number 1:
“Undress my love, eat the fruit, enjoy the champagne and relax in the bath. It has been a long journey baby”.
She does so closing her eyes, fantasizing about what her man is doing on the other side of the wall in Room 4.
She tears open number 2 with wet hands:
“You are so beautiful; you are my Aphrodite, my Goddess of passion, love and fertility. When you are ready, step out of the bath, go to the mirror and admire yourself. Feel every inch of your body and relish in how beautiful you are, rub yourself with oil and enjoy the sensation as you slip into the silky robe on the chaise.”
Walking over to the mirror, she opened the oil, watching herself sensually rub her neck, breasts and abdomen, fantasizing about it growing with what’s to come. Her eyes, blazing with sexuality, she opened the final envelope:
“You are a Goddess, thank you for the show. I would like to reciprocate - come with me baby, it’s time, remove the picture frame next to the mirror”.
Now vividly aware he had been watching her all along, he stood throbbing with excitement. She craved to stroke, suck or fuck his incredibly hard shaft. She fingered her wetness and stroked her clit. They climax together, shivering with orgasm, dewy faced, weak in the knees..
“Babe, are you ready?” The woman woke up to find her man standing in front of her in the waiting room. Had it all been a dream?
Getting up to leave, a nurse calls out “Excuse me I think you forgot something.” In her hand was a small white envelope with a number 4 on it. The woman opened it as the couple reached their car: “The Journey Continues…wishing you great success!"