An Everyday Romance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By maddymerr

One of the reasons it's so hard to accept yourself as a lesbian is because we never see ourselves represented in movies and television. My fantasy is a tale as old as time - but it's never been spoken.

I'm just walking down the street, it's a beautiful summer day in a busy city. Then you just see her. You lock eyes and you both just know. It cuts to scenes of us trying out new restaurants, going to museums, and going for hikes. It's a first date, a second date, and then a third. What is supposed to be and feel so different feels so normal. It feels natural. They fall in love.

They start to kiss in front of the apartment door, not being able to hold it in any longer. They don't have to hide it or be scared. Struggling to get the door open, they burst through the apartment and head to the bedroom. It keeps getting hotter and hotter, nothing being held back. She lies down on her back and she crawls on top, moving her pussy slowly to her face.

It's romantic, it's perfect, it's just so normal. And we need more of that - just to know that we are just like everyone else.