A snowy night in November

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mooooi

We dance to the slow R&B, our faces glowing blue in the electric bath of light. I feel your skin hot and damp through your t-shirt, from all the dancing. I gather up your hair in my hand and blow on your neck to cool you. We drink Margaritas and kiss in front of the club and then we go out and fuck in the alley in the falling snow. It’s November and the first snow of the season. I stand with my legs stretched apart wordlessly begging to be fucked. You cup my breasts and thumb my hard pink nipples through my top. You push my jeans down. Your hands, smooth and cool, slide down my hips as you hook your fingers under the elastic of my underwear, and pull the damp fabric down my thighs. My bare ass is up against the brick building, my pussy burning against your hand in the cold night. You trail your fingers over my ass, look me in the eyes and I silently invite you to devour my body. You slide a finger in and then two. Your fingers tease my clit, circling lazily, pulling lightly. You watch the snow melt on my flushed cheekbones as my breathing gets heavy. You crawl all over me, the ridge of my hip bones is under your tongue and then your mouth moves down. I taste lemony and sweet and you don’t stop licking me until my moans echo down the street and are drowned out by the city sounds. I’m now almost sobbing with need, grinding against your mouth and you don’t stop licking until I cum.