A new Female Super Hero

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I am a writer of graphic novels. Lately I invented a new Female Super Hero: Super Slut! She is bringing sexual joy where needed, with no gender issues! GG, BG, BB, Transgender, all racial varieties... She brings sexual bliss for everyone! Her Superhero suit, do you ask, Erika? Well, it looks like this: On her head a black rubber mask, with 2 humongous dildos as horns. A cape? Of course, made of black rubber with a faux pubic hair lining. For the rest of her body: she is totally nude, exCept for black titty twister nipple pads covering her big nipples, and a matching set of butt plug and dildo, held in place by a leather harness. Oh, and yes... a black leather belt with a whip, a paddle and a bottle of lube attached to it. She roams the streets of the city at night, on her black harley. In this scene she is coming to the rescue of this young lesbian couple, in need for a horny 3rd party for their little All girls filled All holes saturday night party. With her whip, paddle and lube she saves their saturday night. Filling holes with her mask with attachments, spanking, whipping naughty asses until they are rosey red. And then, filling all lower cavities, penetrating them with plug, dildo and hand... At dawn, she leaves the girls exhausted. Riding away in the morning sun, still covered in bodily fluids that are not hers, letting it dry in the cool wind. Another couple saved from sexual boredom... A girl has to do what a girl has to do...