A Couchsurfer's Paradise

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Beatrice

A friend and I organised to meet up on Christmas Eve at a couchsurfer’s place in San Fransisco. We hadn’t seen each other in years and were excited to meet up. She was there before me and had just received a message from our host. We had a nice dinner and he asked if we had plans for the next few days. We said no and he said he might be able to organise for us to go to a nearby nudist hot spring resort. We said yes. Driving out there sitting three across the bench seat of his Ute we passed olive groves and wine country. We arrived and set up our camp (a three person tent with a double mattress). We spent the day soaking in the sun and relaxing talking to the other guests. Christmas night we joined an ecstatic dance event and danced till midnight in a teepee with the other resort guests. We went to sleep exhausted but full. The next morning our host, sleeping in the middle of the two of us, started wandering his hands. In the next moment him and my friend were kissing and I was getting excited. The morning light was soft in the tent and we were groggy from sleep. Eventually we were all kissing, she went down on me as he kissed my breasts. I went down on him while she ate me out from behind. He slowly fucked her while I sat on her face. We spent the morning in the tent and enjoyed the afternoon relaxing and bathing, gently massaging each other. We left the next day, high from the pleasure and love and intoxicating company. Driving out the way we came three aside in his truck, grinning like idiots.