20 years later

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bia

We were two "kids" at school, 11 years old when we met each other at the same class. He was the cutest one, and all the girls just felt in love with him. I was the most prudish, anxious about the first kiss, which I gave with 12, not with him. My parents were very strict, I used to play the piano and never did nothing wrong. During the next 3 years, I've lost count of how many times we stayed together. He was always so careful and respectful with me. He had the best kiss ever. Very slow. Delicious lips. Well, high school started and we went to different colleges. I don't know why, but we didn't see each other no more. I dated other guys, he dated other women. From time to time, we knew about each other through some friends in common. I did 2 universities, married for 10 years, had 2 little girls. He married also, had also a child. 20 years later, his email address came up when I was sending an email for another person. Unconsciously, I guess, I wanted to connect to my past. We talked for a while in whats app, I told him all about my separation, my life, my kids. It was such a nice talk, he was very supportive. In the end, for some reason, we were talking about those old times... It was midnight, a cold winter night, my daughters were sleeping, and to talk about that with him was pure lust. Fantasies crossing my mind... How would it be that cute boy today? Would he be fat? Would he be cool? What would have happened in these 20 years between us? The next day we talked again, and it was already such a nice and dirty talk. One week later, he was picking me up. I was very nervous, so was him. He wrote: "it's so different for you as it is for me. I feel like I'm taking you my home for the first time with 14 years old." He brought a bottle of wine. We went to a motel, and it was the best night ever! My god... When our bodies touched, I gave myself completely to that moment. His lips were still delicious, he was still so careful. The song was 'Our first time", Bruno Mars. 3 hours of pure fantasy, pure lust, pure wine. It was so worth to wait 20 years...