The Queen of the Amazons

BY fd59
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

To you that in the unbridled race of your youth you found a stumbling and yet without falling you came to me.

Abandoned the bow and arrows, she lay defenseless on the still burning bed.

She was beautiful.

Small tapered feet and smooth as silk; thin ankles and long legs of the same color of the olive tree; the triangle of curly hair from which protruded two fleshy lips dripping of my sperm; flat stomach marked by exercise and long bareback rides; small breasts covered with long black hair scattered in hundred volutes.

She was sleeping.

I approached her, I discovered her right breast made flat like that of a man. I put my tongue to her nipple marked by use and time.

She was my Queen of the Amazons.

She opened his thigh and guided me over and back inside her.

We began to fuck again.

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Janevsky is a french graphic designer for movies based in Paris. He works for the preparation of sets, creating posters and drawings that will appear on the screen. He also has a second life where he is an erotic illustrator. He mostly draws women playing in Eden. It is the place of purity and lust. Lilith and Eve, the Virgin Mary, all these Madonnas have goodness and melancholy in the same time. With all my drawings I’m exploring my view of erotism, discovering who I am and what I desire. Sometimes people like them so I think I’m not the only one who has a crazy mind.