Suck yourself into my heart

BY pallidnight
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I love it when you suck my nipples, when your fingers run up and down on them; playing with them like with a light when you gently pull and twist them. Yes, please make my nipples all wet and swollen. Yes, make sucking sounds while wiggling your face into my wobbly big boobs. oh please! Finger me while you suck them some more...until I can no longer hold back my moans, my orgasm.

Your Comments

  • QuirkyandCurvy
    Yes please!
  • Angiezlvg
    I would love to see this...two bringing the other to orgasm by nipple play and fingering!
Image credits
Petite Bohème is a french illustrator, creating her art in Paris. She has always drawn her inspiration from the emerging flows, of design, fashion and music. Pushing her graphic style beyond the automatisms, she always made it a rule, to keep her work fresh, to exceed her own zones of comfort.

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