take me in your greedy mouth

A Sexual Fantasy

— By open4everything

"I have a surprise for you when you come back home." Her words have been lingering in my mind the whole day. But what awaited me when I returned was far beyond everything I could ever dream of.

I enter the living room and there she is, wearing a black shelf bra, a black garter belt and long stockings; and nothing else. After I manage to avert my gaze from her ample pair of tits and hard nipples, my eyes wander down to her pussy. It must have been freshly waxed, looking so smooth with no hair except for that small black triangle that catches my eye.

Without saying a word she approaches me, pushes me against the wall and gives me a lustful kiss. Then she gets on her knees, unbuttons my trousers and frees my already hard dick. She softly kisses only the glans of my cock, then proceeds with licking in long paths from the base back to the top. Next she licks and sucks my balls before she finally opens her mouth, grants my penis access and gives me a passionate blowjob.

Her soft mouth around my dick, slowly gliding up and down, gently producing a vacuum, feels unbelievably good. As I look down our eyes meet. I can tell from the look in her eyes that the really loves to please me like this. With my cock deep in her mouth she gives me a wink, then closes her eyes and takes it even deeper. I watch the spectacle closely and enjoy every single inch she devours with her greedy mouth till it entirely disappears in her throat.

Never before have I experienced anything like this. It drives me over the edge and she knows it. From my heavy breathing she can guess that I'm about to cum. Looking me into my eyes again, she releases my dick from the firm grip of her lips and strokes it by hand. I close my eyes and finally explode and shower her with my hot cum.

I open my eyes again and look down. Her face and breasts are sprinkled with my cream. She smiles lasciviously, takes some of it on her fingertip and tastes it. She stands up, gives me a kiss and whispers "Now it's time for you to return the favour." And I gladly will.