Womb of Mother Earth

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SandraSusi

Thick smoke...it´s almost impossible to see. A beautiful leg appears from the smog, before revealing part of the pelvis, a round breast, then you can start to see a form of her face, intense eyes staring through the evaporating vapour.

I am enchanted by this apparition, slowly realising its truth, you catch my eye and energy passes through our stares, the relic of my past, bright and profound, this fierce chest and thin and muscular body.

We are deep deep underground, in the bomb shelter, and at this moment, when we are revealed, understanding the essence of each other, the lights go out... complete and utter darkness. Not a single light beam anywhere. We can only hear and feel each others breath, sensing our bodies and minds. It is frightening, yet, magnetic at the same time.

In such a dark and cold place, everything seems anew, it is like I was the first man on earth and had never met anybody before. But as time passes, this presence seems so comforting, the moist, hot air of your breath seems like such peace. I am attracted, slowly my intuition guides me towards you. Your breath penetrates me and mine soothes you....we are now a millimeter away.

I accept your energy radiating against mine. I touch your skin, feel the shape of your form with my hands, my mouth wet and open, I search for yours, my fingers pushing through your hair. We kiss and hold each other, our bodies wave slowly in the same rhythm, and we share our body heat. I am not cold or afraid anymore.

We sense cold and warm air blending. I know the darkness so I go first, you hold my hand behind me and follow. We are so deep underground that the earth itself is warming, we follow the air, head deeper inside the earth, it is getting more and more humid and warm.

My mind wanders, the softness of your skin has filled my entire being with desire. I have felt how your body is an entire landscape, with a finger light as a feather I wish I could get to the farthest mountains and deepest valleys. In desire and anticipation we are engulfed by the deep.