Underground Sapphic Wrestling League

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Glory

Not too long ago, I went to a sapphic picnic. I don't know exactly how but we started having friendly wrestling matches. We all laughed and cheered watching our friends and lovers compete. After one match, the winner looked at me and jokingly said "I would wrestle you, but I would be worried about hurting a delicate beauty like you." This was a challenge, and so I was up next wrestling her. We were well matched - we struggled and laughed, and she managed to get me to the ground. But I managed to flip us so she was pinned beneath me. I was declared the winner, and as she sat down she said "I just wanted you on top of me"

Since then I've been dreaming of a Sapphic Wrestling League - for and by sapphics. We would have campy costumes - sexy, silly, glamorous or whatever suited our persona. The audience would be all sapphics which would allow us to feel safe enough to be our full selves. We would have a championship where a winner would be declared at the end.

But at the afterparty everyone could be a winner.