Three is a Magic Number

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pleaseless

I have a confession. I'm in a stable relationship with the woman of my life. We share our life in a beautiful and loving way. We share dreams, appreciate each other and always go an extra mile to make sure our appreciation shows. Sometimes at nights I have these fantasies. I fantasy about one of my male friends being in the same room as us. Dark outside, candle lights and naked bodies. Me and my fiancé look at each other with love and anticipation. This is the first time we're exploring and exposing ourselves like this. We've invited my friend to join us. He has a shaved head, muscular body and a beautiful dick. I know he will fuck her beautifully and loving, and I know she will enjoy even if this is all new to us both. I know we both are scared of how much we probably will like this. The thing is, it's not only her that is going to be pleased. The fantasy I have is to suck his dick. I've done it before and really appreciated it. I love the texture and the form of a dick, and having it in the mouth is just a wonderful experience. I want them to please each other, but most of all, I want him to penetrate me and she to stimulate me and help me to enjoy and relax in the situation. I want her to encourage me to let go and enjoy. To let my fantasies be explored together with her.