The Riding Lesson

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wetdreams

Warm, wet water. Her hand on my clit. That flip in your stomach when you get something you never even knew you wanted.

It’s summer, the days are long, and my best friend Kay and I are waiting for something to happen to us. Anything. We live in the countryside surrounded by nothing, so Kay offers to teach me how to ride. I say yes because I always say yes to her. I've always been a little in awe of Kay. She’s cold in a way that makes me work for her affection.

One day, after the lesson, I’m lying in the bath and I tell Kay I hurt from the saddle. So quickly I wonder if I’ve actually imagined it, she reaches under the water and runs her hand along my thigh to brush my clit. That one touch in the secret underwater world changes things between us forever. Alone, I try to stop myself from masturbating about her. But I can’t stop.