The Power of Imagination

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Canrealitybeaswonderfulasimagination?

Only a few candles were lighting the room when she whispered alluringly… what she would do to me. Looking at my naked body with pure lust in her big brown eyes. Her plump lips longingly reaching for mine but never actually touching them. After each second the energy between us both seemed to get even more electric.. So lustful and crisp that nothing else mattered… The room around us became blurry and when I looked at her it felt like I got sucked into her image. I was only able to focus on details of her beautiful body. Her moving lips, elegant hands, fragile neck. Her trembling bellybutton. Her spread legs. Goose bumps on her skin… Losing the awareness of reality. The room turning around me. In my body a wave of heat, her scent in my nose, her mellow voice in my ears... My mind was fantasizing about her soft mouth on my neck, on my breasts… everywhere... She was feeding my imagination with lively pictures... Not able to resist I passionately started touching myself. She couldn't hold it either and also made love to herself. And every night we repeated it.. over and over again.. Every night got more intense. The memories from the night before gave the present experience an even more seductive taste and the urge to turn my imagination into reality grew more and more. But up until now I could never feel her naked skin on mine, nor her deep breath close to my ear or taste her wet pussy. Only our sensual moans united in an orgasmic harmony... I want to feel her so bad... just thinking about it makes me go crazy.. That's the magic of imagination. My urgent desire to feel her is the essential for the intense experience. But fulfilling my wish to actually make love to her would also shatter it immediately. It's a narrow path.. I never felt so close to and at the same time so far away from another person.. This evening I'm asking myself if the reality could maybe keep up with my fantasies?