The Mountain Hut

A Sexual Fantasy

— By The Hiker

Climbing on hills with my rucksack on my back I (woman) reach a small mountain hut in the evening. Light comes out of the windows. I take a look through the windows and what I see is very satisfying. The maid is lying on her back on the table. The rest of the table is prepared for dinner. There is a fire in the fireplace. The hostess comes and takes a seat on the chair at the end of the table and puts the skirt of the maid up and takes her panties off and starts massaging and licking the wet pussy of the maid. No other guests are there. I can't resist but to put my hand inside my trousers and start to rub. After a while I decide to enter the hostel. The hostess shows me with her finger where I should take a seat while she continues to please the maid with a massage, tribbing and facesitting. I spread my legs and start masturbating while I watch the lovely scene. The hostess comes kneeling over the belly of the maid in a squirting orgasm. After that they both act like a normal hostess and maid. They ask me how they can help me....