The kitchen store

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bridgetjones

I'm in the city, and there is a new shop in town. They have all kinds of stuff, its a popup store. They sell food and cooking related items. Then a guy asks me if he can help me. We get to a chat and he tells me there is a kitchen in the back where we can try out these ingredients and tools. I have the time, I'm not in a rush, and I like to learn more... cooking is my hobby and I'm hungry...
We go to the back and are there we are all alone. He shows me around and asks me what to cook. We will make some tapas! He learns me how to use the big knives by standing behind me with his strong arms around me. And, as chefs do, we feed each other to taste the food we prepare. In the end, we don't get to finish all the tapas because he lifts me on the kitchen, moves up my skirt and starts touching me down there, and tasting me there. I take off his shirt and touch and taste his dick. We end up by having great sex on the kitchen table where he really makes me come.