The Flame

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bex

Black lesbian love. It started so intensely. She had a sexy long dreadlocked head,with an intense and warm masculine energy that could engulf me into disarming and melting into my feminine, my fantasy come true. The mere thought of her made me wet…. Her voice and gentleness with their frequency, opened my heart. Oh, her touch. It is electric… her hands, intuitive and just the right size that made me feel safe and full. And soaking wet. She’s a singer, a poetess, a producer, and a healer. I remember one of our sexiest afternoons. We had something good to eat, and were relaxing with smoking the herb while listening to her latest creation. The beat was off the hook! The EDM rhythm was making me so moist imagining her fingers in me fucking me to the beat. My panties were feeling very wet - and as I was sensing it, we both turned toward each other simultaneously. She hears my thoughts…. We slammed into a kiss that I felt all the way in my pussy…. I felt my legs parting, totally surrendering to her. My whole skin and nipples were extremely sensitive and almost orgasmic to her touch….

Her head is already between my legs.. uuhhh .. she kisses my throbbing pussy while holding my panties to the side… her eyes rolling up with pleasure at the whiff of my scent and sight of engorged sex. The noises she makes send waves of pleasure into my body …. always. She pauses to tie her long locs away from my pussy and remove my underwear.. The cold from her moving away sends more waves of pleasure, as I will myself not to cum yet. Yess, her amazing lips are back on my clit and lips. And her thick fingers are circling my opening… stroking the long legs of my clit… she has my clit on all fronts …. Oh god, yes. ….. mmhmmm, … as the beat changes rhythm, she flows with it mercilessly….. edging me … I can’t get enough of getting to the edge…. How can she know when I’m about to cum and she stops precisely… by the third time she orgasmed herself, moaning with her mouth on my pussy.. .. as that was sending me over the edge, and my pussy was pulsating from my orgasm, she slid 3 of her fingers in, to the rhythm…. The beat was getting a bit faster and her fingers were hitting parts of my vagina that were sending waves of pleasure up my spine. Into my heart…. I was squirting and crying at the same time….. visions of rainbows and sparkles, I kid you not. As she was pounding me in every corner of my vagina, I was feeling the love she was putting into me, healing me. falling deeper in love with her. I was receiving her thrusts still, on my back, on the side, doggy….. an orgasmic inner massage….. creaming and squirting, moaning, breathing with relief, calming…..mmmm I fell into a fetal position, spent. She laid right behind me, spooning me and covering us up with the top sheet…. Sweaty & laying on my wet spot so I don’t have to. She kisses me on the back of my neck…. I’m so grateful.