Thank a soldier for his service

A Sexual Fantasy

— By melanie

We were best friends with a lot of chemistry. He was leaving for the army in a month. I had jokingly teased, “you need to fuck somebody before you leave.” He had smiled, winked, and said, “It’ll happen.” We were hanging out at his house. I had only expected to watch T, so I came over wearing sweatpants, messy hair, and no makeup. We were cuddling on the couch in his living room. The living room is framed by windows that face the streets, so the neighbors can hear every sound that is made.

Suddenly he pulled me onto his lap and kissed me. The kiss was searing. I felt it everywhere. He pulled off my tank top then proceeded to kiss and nibble his way from my neck to my breasts. He unhooked my bra and it landed on the floor. His mouth teased my nipples and I let out a little moan. I fumbled with the buttons of his button up shirt. I wanted his shirt off so I could feel him beneath my hands. I could feel his erection against me telling me he wanted me. Here. Now. Was this really happening? We were best friends!

We ended up on the floor. My legs were wrapped around him pulling him closer as we desperately ground against each other. I unbuckled his belt and slid my hand into his pants. I wrapped my hand around him and heard a sharp inhale. As I worked my hand up and down he slid off my pants. Then he took off his pants and boxers. I arched against him. His finger reverently traced the lace edge of my thong. I wonder if he'd ever thought about me in my underwear before. He ripped it off.

He hovered between my legs and slid into me. Moving in and out. We kissed as the rhythm increased, his mouth trapping my moans and sighs. I clawed his back. He pulled my nipple into his mouth and kept grinding into me while his finger played with my aching clit. I couldn’t take anymore. My pussy clenched around him as I screamed his name. He quickly followed me over the edge. He lay on top of me several seconds while we both tried to breath. Then he rolled off and pulled me close. We drifted off to sleep totally satisfied. He would be able to take that memory with him when he left.