From the XConfessions series: A sweet introduction to the seduction of bondage.

"I can't get over my bondage fetish, it is the only thing that really turns me on.

A lot of people don't understand it, especially boyfriends.

It's not about being dominated, or restrained, or uncomfortable or vulnerable.

To me, the ties feel like an embrace. I experience more passion from the sensations of the cords gripping my flesh than most people do touching body-to-body.

Even when I masturbate, I like to be tied or have to imagine that I am."

— By Willa6
Erika's comment

Wow Willa6, that is quite the confession. I love your description, and I hope you like my film! I had to learn a bit about Shibari, and that was very exciting for me. This short features the simply ethereal Amber Nevada of Madrid, who is a fantastic performer. Don't you just love her tattoo?! For those of you not initiated in this ancient Japanese bondage technique, go here.


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  • J

    I totally agree with you, Willa. There are many people who don't understand it, but hopefully you will find a partner who does, like I did!

  • I

    I would love to be this actress in this video. What is her name? She is so special!!!

    • I

      Its written above: Amber Nevada

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