Be a Hero

Anneke woke up horny and spotted her boyfriend's go pro lying around. What will she do with it? Part of the XConfessions series.



By gopro

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Anneke Necro

Hace un mes le regalaron para su cumpleaños una GOPRO a mi chico, que es un geek bastante obsesivo y la venía deseando hace como un año. Evidentemente la puso en uso con lo previsto: skating, la ato al casco de su bici, la pusieron en un avion a radiocontrol... El y sus amigos son como niños de 30 años. Yo en cambio he estado robándola últimamente y haciendo mis propios experimentos: bajo las sabanas, en la ducha, en la bañera....

Cuando descargue la tarjeta se va llevar una buena sorpresa :)



Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

I've loved this story since moment one. Her idea of using his camera to surprise him was creative and bold and super fun to transform into a screenplay! At times, a woman pleasing herself can be the most beautiful image to look at. And what to say about Anneke? She's got it all. It's impossible to see her moaning in that bath and not be completely aroused...

Your Comments

  • katana217

    Auto-translation's a bit dodgy, but the surreptitious uses of a GOPRO Camera would seem to have possibilities...

  • dd27

    This is so incredibly sexy! Got me excited to take a bath

  • 123Moondog

    This is soooo erotic (and funny)!

  • Robertnagiel

    The light & shadows - in the water, & on her, were spectacular!

  • Anynomous

    […] performed in several XConfessions shorts, including her intensely captivating solo performance in Be a Hero. I was desperate to film her together with her real life partner and fellow performer Sade. Their […]