An erotic ode to body hair

Starring adult performer Dion de Rossi & first time performer Brad Truckee this is an erotic ode to soft, hairy, furry bodies. Adapted from a real life fantasy sent in by Furry Femme, an XConfessions member who longs for summer to get another glimpse of strangers with carpeted chests and velvet snail trails. This explicit short film will inspire one and all to let it all grow out. 

So, whether you like to swoon over a hairy chest, a bristly moustache or a downy stomach, watch this indie adult movie and pay tribute to all of the hirsute men and hairy hunks out there. 

Cast & Crew

Director: Poppy Cox

Photographer: Michelle Gutierrez Fernandez

Performers: Dion De RossiBrad Truckee

Erika Lust Erika Lust