Men in Kilts

If you didn't have a fetish before, you will now.



By CubicalGRL

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Cintia Shapiro, Sylvan , Romeo , Hunter S Johnson

My biggest turn on is men in kilts. My obsession started when I was a young girl when my grandfather told me that our family had Scottish ancestors, and that the plaid of our family was green and blue. My obsession grew bigger as I grew older. I watched all the Scottish films and tv shows that I could find and read romance novels set in Scotland.

I told my best friend about my Scottish obsession and she gave me a calendar for my birthday called "Men in Kilts". Now these men come to me every night in my dreams, all muscly, strong, sexy and seductive... Especially one guy, he keeps on coming and making me cum and cum and cum...


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Men in Kilts was one of my favourite shootings this year. Cintia, Hunter, Romeo, Sylvan, Pablo and my crew spent a lovely summer's day outside and we had so much fun, I think it shows in the movie. I loved filming an XConfession with a comedic yet sexy script to finish off the summer season and I will never look at kilts the same ever again ;)

Your Comments

  • Katze81
    I loved the theme of the film!
    There is one scene though were I was a bit worried if Cintia was Ok during the whole shoot? It's a scene more towards the end of the film, when Hunter fingers her a bit roughly and there seems to be a little bit of blood on the sheets underneath, but of course I could be wrong...
    Of course you can say something about this if you want to, Cintia:)
    • Erika Lust
      I really appreciate your comment and I'm happy you liked the theme!
      All our performers consent to the acts before they happen in a scene and we take great care that everyone feels comfortable while shooting. Communication, consent and safety are the most important assets on our sets!
    • cintia shapiro
      Hi Katze81! I’m glad you care about my security during the film, but I was completely ok. I bled a little because I was waiting for my period and just spotted a few drops. Of course it didn’t hurt and one of the things I’m sure when working with Erika is that I’m always safe and I can stop or change my consent wherever I want/need without any problem pr pressure :) thanks for caring and hope you liked the film 🌈
  • pianaman
    Thankyou for another film with Cintia Shapiro - she is so natural and expressive (and funny! - humour is a turn on)
    • cintia shapiro
      Thank you so much!!! 🖤
    • behemot
      I agree, Cintia is a great actress and her humour gives her something special.