Space, the final frontier?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Man has been in space for more than 6 decades now... We have been to the Moon, sent satellites and space stations in orbit around our planet. Spacecrafts were send out to the far limits of our solar system and beyond. But sex in space? As far as we know, it is never been done yet! So, what will happen on our future manned travels to Mars and beyond? If men and women are send on those trips which take more than a year? I envision sex in zero gravity, a loving couple of astronauts floating around in a special room, where they can float around and have sex without hurting themselves. The lovemaking itself goes very delicately, no sudden movements. Gentle licking and sucking in a floating 69 position, until they both come, moaning of pleasure. Later, they are totally entwined in each other, making love gently but intensely, still floating. They are taking it slow, they have time on their side, a trip to Mars will take about 18 month...