The Smell Of Festival Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Francesca

I love going to music festivals. For one weekend you can break out of the civilized world and experience a slice of anarchy and raw simplicity. And great music. Dance, drink and free love. That's the spirit.

The warm summer sun was already rising when I was on my way back to the festival camping site with my good friend Sara and a bunch of people. We were exhausted, sweaty and in a euphoric mood from dancing all night.

Everyone suddenly disappeared into their tents, so I stood there with this guy I had met on the dance floor an hour ago. We started making out in the middle of all the tents. When he began to undress me and kiss my tits, I took his hand and pulled him into my tent.

Sara was lying on her camping mat, completely passed out. We tore off our clothes, kissing, biting and touching each other and finally fell down on my mat, rubbing our naked, dirty bodies against each other. He went down between my legs and licked my sweaty pussy until I was close to orgasm. I didn't give a damn if anyone, not even Sara lying next to us, could hear my noisy reaction when he pushed his cock into me and fucked me hard.

I climaxed with the smell of tent cloth, sunscreen and body fluids in my nose. The smell of festival sex.