sinning in the woods on the 4th of july

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pine.tree.secrets

A few years ago on the 4th of July, I committed the ultimate red-neck sin and fucked my cousin in some backwoods. And it was amazing.

We're 3rd cousins and spent most of our childhood halfway across the country. We spoke little throughout our teenage years, but started becoming close in our mid-late 20s. That summer I ventured to the northern woods of California where he and my mothers side of the family reside.

Those first few days, the rain was unrelenting. We huddled inside my aunts cabin watching movies and drinking wine to pass the time. The rest of our family was staying at their respective homes further in town. I tried to think very little about the sexual tension I was feeling-- it HAD to be all in my head. The third night of the trip we laid in bed watching a silly romantic comedy. Our feet were rubbing against each others and I felt like I was going mad from the tension. I flat out asked him if something was going on, to which he feigned ignorance and rolled over, falling asleep. I spent the whole night wide-awake, feeling like a crazy (horny) freak.

He awoke a few hours later for work. Seamlessly, he rolled over to me and put his hand down my panties--opening me up with his fingers and forcing them inside. I gasped. My heart started racing and before I could grasp what was happening, he was finger fucking me hard.

We must have laid there like that for 20 minutes, until he finally had to leave for work. I spent the whole day being on edge around my family (who decided to visit the cabin) but also unable to get the idea of his cock out of my mind. When he came home from work I was nervous about how he'd respond to me. My family was in the backyard when I met him in the bedroom We locked eyes for 10 seconds before disrobing and going down on eachother. Our family only a few feet away had no idea.

That night was the 4th and we blew off our family to go further into the woods. While the fireworks blasted, we fucked right then and there, on the dirt. I was screaming so loud I was thankful for their blasts.