Show me how it’s done

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RubyRed

I’ve never been with a woman or ever really had the desire to pursue it in real life but whenever I fantasise, I inevitably end up fantasising about being with a woman. Almost always a bit older than me and she is in charge. It’s always very specific and thrilling. In my most common recurring fantasy, my husband surprises me with a woman without telling me. She is about 10 years older than me, late 30’s, tall, dark brown hair, tanned and thin but with large soft breasts. She is for me, and only me, not for us both. He stays to watch but doesn’t participate. I am turned on and excited but shy and hesitant. I’m so nervous about my first time with a woman but she is reassuring and gentle. She kisses my body all over and plays with my clit and goes down on me until I come. She then brings out various sex toys, glass dildos and double sided dildos and uses them on me and shows me how to use them on her. My husband watches from the other side of the room and pleasures himself but I barely notice him as I let this woman do what she wants to me.